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5 million Swedes keep their important documents in Kivra

All of your important things, stored in one place.

Our core values

  • Teamovation

    This reflects on how we work together to create a sustainable, safe and reliable digital infrastructure. Regardless of what we're working with, everyone at Kivra is part of developing and driving the product forward.

  • Happy-Happy

    Happy-Happy is a way of thinking. It's about finding solutions in which all parties involved get exactly what they want. This applies to everything we do from product development to workplace culture. We want to create an environment where everyone feels their best, and performs at their best. Happy-Happy.

  • Friendly

    We're user friendly and environmentally friendly. We're also a friendly workplace. It's in our DNA.

  • Safe & Reliable

    Kivra is safe and reliable. Everyone should feel confident that all of their important documents are kept safe and secure in Kivra and that they are available at all times. Kivra is also a safe and reliable place of work - both physically and psychologically. We take care of our employees. We offer a variety of insurances, company healthcare and other benefits.

Our recruitment process