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We believe that digital postal services make life easier for both the sender and the recipient, while at the same time contributing to a more sustainable world. Over 1 billion envelopes are sent every year, in Sweden alone. We think that there’s a better, faster, more secure and more environmentally friendly way to do this. That’s why we created Kivra.

Kivra currently has over 4,6 million users. This means that every second adult in Sweden uses Kivra today and our growth continues at a rapid pace. Over 30 000 companies and organizations send documents, invoices, doctor appointments, vaccine certificates, receipts, pay slips, contracts and much more. And this number is constantly increasing. Last year we launched a digital receipts service and today, about one year later, more than 90 million digital receipts have been sent through Kivra!

We’ve been voted Sweden’s second most meaningful digital brand after Swish. We are top 100 in Financial Times’ annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. And recently we received the prize for being The Most Unexpected Climate Hero for 2021. 

In other words: there is a way to combine meaningfulness, growth and sustainability in one product and one company. We are living proof of that.

Kivra has the ambition to be “En bättre plats för dina viktigheter = a better place for  your important things” and to give our users peace of mind. We believe that we could support our users with a lot more than we do today. We see that the success with the Covid certificate (2,6 million certificates in two months) proves this. 

We are now looking for you who can greatly strengthen our business development capacity in the consumer space by identifying suitable opportunities, deep dive in new areas, help filter and prioritize amongst all opportunities and suggest new features, products, and business partners to be added to our journey. You will also work in projects that deep dive in our current services to support product owners with strategic prioritization. You are a team player excited to have an important role that is vital to direct our future innovation journey and to develop fantastic products for millions of people while contributing to society!  

We believe you have an academic degree and have worked a few years in the digital space developing consumer products and services. You can easily map and understand eco systems, you have a good technical knowledge and are used to work in cross functional teams. You have experience of independently driving partner discussions. Preferably you have developed new business areas or products from innovation to launch to scale up. 

We think that you: 

  • Have an academic degree MsC or Bachelor
  • Have + 5y experience in digital business development for B2C or management consulting 
  • Are fluent in English and Swedish

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Ett av våra ledord är teamovation. Det betyder att vi jobbar tillsammans för att tillsammans skapa en hållbar och säker digital infrastruktur. Oavsett vilket område en jobbar med, är alla med och driver produkten framåt. Det är teamovation för oss.


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